COBB has been the leader when it comes to WRX aftermarket parts and WRX tuning for nearly two decades. From the humble beginnings of AccessFlash, which initially required ECU removal, to the current Accessport V3 with infinite capability, COBB continues to push the envelope on what’s possible with the stock Subaru ECU.. LP Aventure lift kit - Outback 2020-2022/Wilderness 2022. The Motegi MR148 only weighs 16.8lbs in 15×7. If you want a wheel that looks good, is affordable, and won't weigh down your car, this is it. With an MSRP of $135, this should be on your shopping list. We highly recommend this one for anyone who's concerned with aesthetics, and anyone who does a lot of city/freeway driving in their Subaru. Subaru Mini trucks are tiny but practical light trucks, available in RWD or 4WD version. Subaru Sambar is a very small vehicle, specifically for the Japanese market. It is Japan's first Keitora, shorthand for "Kei class truck" and is still in production. The Sambar is available in both micro van and Kei truck to fulfil the Kei car guidelines. Still popular in the domestic market, the Sambar.

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